P2PVPN - Documentation

Installation - Linux

Install Java

P2PVPN is written in Java, so you have to install a Java Runtime Environment version 5 or later.

Installing P2PVPN

Download P2PVPN here: P2PVPN

Unzip the file and execute the included P2PVPN.jar as root. To run P2PVPN as root open a terminal and type

sudo java -jar P2PVPN.jar


java -jar P2PVPN.jar
After P2PVPN has started, read the Joining the Test Network section.

Installation - Windows

Currently installing P2PVPN is not as easy as installing other Windows software. You will need to install Java and a virtual Ethernet adapter from OpenVPN.

Install Java

P2PVPN is written in Java, so you will need a Java Runtime Environment version 5 or later. You can download a JRE here: Java

Install TAP-Win32 from OpenVPN

P2PVPN is using the virtual Ethernet adapter from OpenVPN. OpenVPN can be downloaded here: OpenVPN

When you install OpenVPN you will only need the "TAP-Win32 Virtual Ethernet Adapter". You may deselect all other components of OpenVPN which is shown in the screenshot.

Install P2PVPN

Download P2PVPN here: P2PVPN

Unzip the file, launch the included P2PVPN.exe and read the Joining the Test Network section.

Note: Vista users have to execute P2PVPN as Administrator.

Joining the Test Network

I created a testing network you can use to test P2PVPN. The following text is an invitation to this network.

#Sat Nov 28 13:52:09 CET 2009
network.name=Test Network v2

Press Accept Invitation... to join the network, and copy this invitation into the text area of the new window as shown in the screenshot.

After pressing OK P2PVPN should connect to other peers in this test network. Maybe, you see other people here.

Create your own network

To create a new network press New Network.... Choose a name then. If you are a more advanced user, you might want to change the IP settings. If you have you have a peer with a static IP or an DNS name add it to "Known Hosts" in this format: "host:port". You can set the port in the options window.

If you don't want to use the Pirate Bay tracker enter another tracker URL. If you know what you are doing you may also remove the tracker URL. P2PVPN will use no tracker then.

Port forwarding

P2PVPN will not penetrate NAT routers or firewalls. You have to make sure that at least one peer has set up port forwarding (the more the better). To do this you have to set the "Listen on Port" option on the options window (50000-60000 are good values). This port should be forwarded by your NAT router.

Invite other people

When you created your network invite other people with Invite someone.... Check "Allow invitation of others" if you want to allow the invited person to also create invitations. Uncheck "Allow invitation of others" if the invited person should not be able to invite other people. You can also set a date on expiry. The invited person can not access the network after this date.

Then press "Generate Invitation" and send the invitation to someone using E-mail, instant messaging etc.